Are pedicures just a beauty treatment or does it have health benefits too? This is something men and women may have very different views on. Whilst some women find it pivotal to have their pedicures done, men see it as nothing more than a cosmetic treatment.


Pedicures are done in order to prevent infection of the toenails and prevent ingrown toenails. They can help identify and treat foot problems such as fungal infections and corns. Although massages to the feet may seem more like a luxury than a treatment with health benefits, it isn’t. Foot massages help reduces tension, stress and stiffness. Additionally, massaging around the ankles and up towards the knee helps with circulation. It is important to keep toenails healthy as they protect the toes from trauma.


A pedicure also includes exfoliating the feet, which is the removal of dead skin cells, and this prevents the cells from accumulating causing corns, which are both uncomfortable and painful.



There can be issues with having your pedicure done at a salon. Although every salon should be sterilising all their tools, there is no way that we can confirm this has been done ourselves.


The main problem lies in the likelihood that you may be cut in a procedure, which then has a higher chance of getting infected. If medical tools or foot baths are not thoroughly disinfected and sterilised in between customers and you come into contact with a previous customer who had an infection, you are likely to become infected.