A fresh manicure is essential to a lot of women but for those always wearing polish, you should make sure to apply a base coat! The main purpose of the base coat is to protect the nail bed from some damaging effects of nail polish.

Base coats are particularly recommended when applying darker colours to prevent yellowing of the nail. With a base coat applied underneath, the colour will not affect the nail bed, as there’s a barrier between the natural nail and the polish. The one exception to the general rule ‘the darker the colour, the more important it is to use a base coat’ is neon, fluorescent polishes. These stains more than regular nail polish due to the fluorescent dyes so make sure to use the base coat!

BASE COATS MAKE YOUR MANICURE LAST LONGER! Base coats contain both plasticizers and cellulose making them flexible and more adhesive, allowing the polish to move with the nail as it grows and bends. Base coats not only prevent staining, therefore, it also prevents peeling.

CAN I USE A TOP COAT INSTEAD TO PREVENT THE STAINING? We would advise using a base coat, as the topcoat doesn’t have the adhesive properties that the base coat poses. The topcoat focuses more on the final finish thus provide a shine to the applied colour.

After the base coat dries, make sure to apply two coats of coloured nail polish to get a richer look followed by a top coat to seal the nail polish in, prevent chipping and make the nails shine.

Our Favourite Base Coat: ORLY BONDER! This formula is unique in that it dries quickly and is left sticky, meaning the polish adheres to it ensuring that the polish lasts longer.