This can be a very difficult challenge, after all, we all have different skin tones and underlying tones really have a real impact on how the colours suit each individual. As we all know, all nudes aren’t equally created, for one colour may suit one tone, and look awful on someone else of a different complexion.


Nude used to be synonymous with beige or soft pink, which may be perfect for paler skin tones, but this obviously is not the same for women of colour. A good indication of whether a colour would suit you is your skin’s undertone. If you have a cool base, this would mean you are pink based; a yellow base reflects a warm base and an olive base is a greener base. Any colour that is the opposite of this natural undertone on a colour wheel will be contrasting to your natural tone so for example, if you have a yellow base and wear purple nail polish, you will look even more yellow.


Those with light skin tones should maybe try a nude with a sheer pinkish tint to it instead of beige, as that could be too yellow on paler skin tones. The pinkness will complement a paler undertone without washing you out.


People with medium-olive skin tones should lean more towards colours with a beige tint. Alternatively, a nude with a touch of mauve can look really nice and subtle such as Tickle My France-y from OPI.


Darker skin tones suit cream and beige nail polishes such as Samoan Sand from OPI. For a subtler nude, you could go for a shade that closely matches the slightly darker tone of the skin surrounding the nail such as the Infinite Shine Linger Over Coffee by OPI.