Whether it’s dry skin you have or eczema, it can be very painful and even off-putting to get your manicure done professionally. Eczema is a type of skin disorder that causes itchiness and sometimes the dryness can cause bleeding and blisters. If you have dry skin and are getting regular manicures, the cuticles could become irritated further.


Some signs of eczema affected nails include discolouration, slight pits, horizontal or vertical lines on the nail and white patches.


Reducing prolonged exposure to moist and humid conditions (such as dish-washing, long baths and showers, sweaty socks etc.) can really help reduce eczema or dryness.


Getting your manicure done with extra care is necessary!
When having your manicure done, if your therapist cuts too much of your cuticles off, causing you to bleed, it makes you more susceptible to get an infection. This can be painful if untreated and could even cause permanent damage to your nails.


To treat redness and irritation, you could do the following things:
• Apply Aloe Vera, which is very effective in reducing dryness and itchiness due to its ability to permeate through different layers of skin. Refrigerating the aloe vera gel before applying it can provide quicker relief to the itching!
• Apple tea tree oil, commonly known for its antibacterial properties
• Lavender oil can also have cooling effects thus providing a quick relief to the itching, but it is also a natural antiseptic
• Lemon Juice can control an infection if you were to have one so if you combine this with olive oil, it could work wonders as the olive oil can soften the infected nail
• To prevent the dryness from spreading, you could dip your nails in apple cider vinegar for around 20 minutes.