If you want to paint your nails at home yourself but end up with a messy or uneven coating, read on for tips on how to give yourself a flawless manicure.


1. Push your cuticles back, using cuticle oil and an orange nail stick. Do not cut them as this could be painful and will leave your skin vulnerable to infection.


2. Wash your hands with cold water to remove any excess oil or product.

3. Use a base coat, such as the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. This will help nail polish stick to your nail and prevent peeling, so your manicure will last longer. It will also prevent your staining and damage to your nails from the polish.


4. Choose a good quality nail polish, such as the OPI Nail Lacquer.


5. Apply polish in neat, straight strokes from the base to the tip of your nail. Do your right hand first if you are right-handed and vice versa.


6. Remove excess nail polish around the nail with a cotton bud or wooden toothpick dipped in nail polish remover. If you’re looking for an acetone-free remover to avoid damaging your nails, try the Leighton Denny Remove & Go Nail Polish Remover.


7. Use a top coat, such as the OPI Rapidry Top Coat or Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. This will seal the nail polish to prevent it from chipping and fading. It will also make them look shiny and your manicure will last longer.


8. To dry your nails quickly and avoid smudging them, place your fingers in a bowl of ice cold water for about two minutes then carefully dry them.