Home manicures might be very tricky for some of us, especially due to lack of talent or just simply because it takes too much time. Here you can find a guide for that ‘lazy girl’ that will help you get a great manicure in no-time!


Remove the nail polish 





The first thing to do would be to remove the existing nail polish (if you have one) with any nail polish remover, acetone or acetone free. Using a cotton wool helps the acetone to get better absorbed and also gives a softer cleanse to the nail when rubbing the polish off.


Remove cuticles






Apply a good cuticle oil or a cuticle remover and let it soak in for 10-15 seconds, afterwards push them in with a metal or wooden pick.


File or trim the nails






Invest in a good nail file that will help you achieve the desired shape and length in no time. If you do not have a nail file and you like short nails, a pair of scissors or a trimmer can always help you get that in no-time! 


Use a base coat





The next mandatory step would be to use a base coat. You can find one at any local store and not only it helps the colour stay in longer but also prevents the nails from ridging and deteriorating.


Colour them!






Now the time has come to colour your nails with your favourite nail polish. You can choose any color you want and do not worry about staining your skin, always use an acetone pen that will help you get that super clean, salon look!


Have fun!