Make Short Nails Look Naturally Longer

Goodbye ‘Nudes’


Not all of us are gifted with beautiful, long, attractive nails but we all want something to help us make our nails longer, or at least make them appear longer.

Because our peelers do not want to cooperate no matter what we pamper them with, here is an idea of what nail polishes we can choose to make them look longer without having to always go for the ‘NUDES’.







One of the most universal nail polish colors for all skin tones. It’s also a great anti-aging nail polish color and it always gives the nails a longer look, a fresh look and doesn’t draw attention to blue-hued veins, sallowness, and other visible signs of aging.


Bright pink







When it comes to nail polish that makes your hands look younger, brighter colors are a must-try. Bright pink is a little less of a commitment and yet still gives fingers and hands a bright, youthful perspective.


Green or minty colors







Green is always a great option, especially for those with deeper skin tones. Even if you don’t have a deeper skin tone there is always a range of greens you can choose from. This color is perfect for the summer and autumn and is great for those of you who are not on the go for intense bright colours.








We know, white right? Well..yes. It’s a neutral color but it gives a lovely brightness to the hands and nails making them look youthful.


Orange based reds








Finally, the number one color for youthful hands: orange-based reds. Orange polishes, orange-based reds are a universal shade that look great on any skin tone and any age and of course they erase any attention to blue-hued veins.