Many people are scared to move away from the traditional French manicures that are so commonly chosen for their wedding ceremony. The classic French nails look elegant and classy but it isn’t the only option!


If you love French manicures (I mean why wouldn’t you?!) but find that it can be too boring or simple, you can modify it by including a little rhinestone or some nail art or even a coat of glittery/sparkly nail polish. Make sure not to go overboard with the rhinestones though as it may be too distracting or take the attention away from your wedding band and engagement ring.


For those that find the French manicure too unnatural looking because of how white the tips are, an alternative choice of nail lacquer would be a natural pink like Bubble Bath from OPI. Or for a lacquer with a bit less pink and more beige, Coney Island Cotton Candy would be a better choice.

To make the look richer, you could apply small nail stones, making your nails look sparklier.


Alternatively, you can apply two coats of an opaque pink, which will look rather elegant alongside the purity of the white traditional wedding dress.


Many people opt for nail art on their special day but a word of advice brides… choose something subtle and non-distracting! Anything too contrasting with your wedding dress will create unwanted attention and remember, these choices you make will be with you forever. You could try simple nail art designs, for example, a cream/white to nude ombré will look nice or even a reverse French manicure so the bottom of the nail near the cuticle is lighter than the rest of the nail.

If a white tip is too contrasting for you, you could just add a few embellishments of another colour like silver or gold, on a nude/sheer base. (Too much glitter and sparkle can look somewhat tacky but it is your wedding day so do as you please!)