Gel Treatments

Londora Gel Manicure (full) 45min £45

Londora Gel Pedicure (full) 50min £55

Gel Application Hands (no manicure) 30min £28

Gel Application Feet (no pedicure) 30min £38

Londora Gel Manicure & Pedicure (full) 1hr 30min £90

Gel Application Hands & Feet (no manicure or pedicure) 1hr £60

Pedicure Treatments

Mini Pedi 30min £24

Express Pedicure 30min £28

The Londora Pedicure 30min £40

Medical Pedicure 1hr £60

Londora Manicure & Pedicure 1hr £62

Manicure Treatments

Mini Mani 30min £18

Express Manicure 30min £20

The Londora Manicure 40min £26

Detox Manicure 45min £42

The Londora Manicure & Pedicure 1hr 20min £62

Hand Massages

Express Hand Massage 15min £15

Seasonal Hand Massage 20min £18

The Ultimate Foot Therapy Experience 1hr £65

The Ultimate Hand Therapy Experience 50min £55

Nail Art

French Design 10min £10

OPI Chrome Nails 15min £10

File and Cut ONLY 15min £10


Gel Polish Removal Hand 15min £12

Gel Polish Removal Feet 15min £15