Sometimes gel polish can just become too expensive, and more often than not, it just seems like too much effort to go to a salon and get them done. Our lifestyle seems to get in the way of our beauty too much so here are some home gel kits that we think work perfectly.


  • Dry nail polish as soon as it’s been cured meaning you can use your hands freely straight after
  • No need to step outside and go to a salon
  • Cheaper in the long-run!
  • You can fix your nails at home if needs be as opposed to waiting for your next appointment


  • The overall time taken for the application and removal of the gel will be slower than what you’re used to at the salon as they are experienced professionals
  • The initial cost may be high as you have to buy the gel colours too which are not too cheap!
  • The UV-light that comes with these manicures is not as big or strong as the UV-light used at salons meaning the drying time can be longer.


Sensationail Starter Kit

This kit can cure the gel polish in 30 seconds making it particularly desirable for those that are in a rush!

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Starter Kit

This is just as easy to use as the sensational starter kit and has proved to produce long-lasting results!