Enriched with reparative vitamins and minerals, Gel Break serum-infused base coat, sheer color, and protective top coat help restore nail health while always keeping you looking polished.OPI Gel Break was designed to restore and defend the nails that are damaged from improper removal of gel polish – improper removal of gel polish consists of peeling and/ or scraping the polish off of the nails vs. properly soaking.









After 1 week from applying the Gel Break Treatment, nails will appear looking healthy and rejuvenated. Clients will see results from the treatment after 7 days, the treatment can be re-applied for added benefits


Use the 3steps kit


Step 1.








Serum-infused base coat – Formulated with special prismatic pigments to offset nail yellowing and mask discolouration. Enriched with sodium hyaluronate, vitamins and bamboo extract, this unique shimmer-serum base coat masks nail imperfections and discolourations while laying the foundation for a flawless Gel Break manicure.

Step 2.









Sheer layer of colour – leaves nails naturally perfected. Available in 3 nude shades designed to perfectly complement a broad spectrum of skin tones. Properly Pink is ideal for fair skin tones. Too Tantalizing is ideal for medium skin tones. Barely Beige is ideal for dark skin tones.

Step 3.









Protective Top Coat – Enriched with sodium hyaluronate, vitamins and bamboo extract, this protective top coat preserves and protects nails while providing a high gloss finish.


Removing the first application with lacquer remover before re-applying Gel Break treatment. Post Gel Break, use OPI GelColor that doesn’t damage nails when applied and removed correctly, also you can always come to Londora and our girls will make you never take a break from gel again!