Pedicures make a difference in the way a person feels about themselves even if they are not always visible to the public. What we’re getting at here is that we’re proponents of a winter pedi that will help your feet feel fabulous. The best thing about this pedi is that you can do it in the bath, in your own home. You’ll be steaming and softening the rest of your body while you zero in on your heels and toes. It’s simple!


1: First, remove any polish from toes.









2: Keeping all of your supplies within reach, hop into the hot bath and let feet soak for 5 minutes. (This is a good time to lather up the rest of your body.)







3: Working one toe at a time, clip softened nails with clippers to your desired length. We recommend going a little shorter than you do during summer, to help save socks and tights from holes.







4: Pumice time! In a circular motion, scrub the soles of your feet to remove dead skin. The problem areas are generally the heels and the balls of the feet, and around your big toes. If you’re not too ticklish, go ahead and give the arch of each foot a once-over as well.









5: Lift one foot from the bathwater, and using your hands, massage it with your sugar scrub until the scrub dissolves—about 30 seconds. Repeat on other foot. Make sure to get the tops of your feet, too, for extra-soft results, and then rinse off in the bath water.






6: Finish your bath routine (bubble sculptures and rubber duckie races, of course), jump out, and towel off. Finish with a generous amount of foot cream.






7: Complete your pedicure with a colorful polish (base, two coats, and a top coat to make it last).