Having an appointment to the nail salon is always a time to pamper yourself, but having so many options to choose from when it gets to shaping your nails it can get a bit overwhelming.

What nail shape is the best for you?

Which shape makes my fingers look thinner?

What is the most popular nail shape? Are just some of the questions we usually ask ourselves when it comes to nails.


Here is a small guide on helping you find your perfect nail shape.


Always check your cuticles, what shape your cuticles are that’s what you should go for in nail shape as well. Below you can find several types of nail shapes from which you can choose, just in case you get bored from your regular type.



1. Round 








 Feminine, romantic, a classic you might say. The classic nail shape, perfect for short nails, extending only slightly past your nail bed and maintaining its natural shape will always give you a clean and natural look, making your hands have a soft look.


2. Square








This is a less subtle style of nail but in the same time made for the perfect shaped cuticle it can give that office look. It usually shows the person spending time on their manicure and wants everybody to know that. Flawless and completely square nails is your go to if you want a shape other than your natural rounded one that doesn’t take a ton of effort to maintain.

3. Rounded Square







This is surely a nice contour that makes your hands prominent and noticeable.These can go for short to very long nails without giving a tacky look. This version of square nails is a little less intense than its more angular counterpart, but it still looks great and it’s an easy canvas for simple nail art. It also suits any finger shape.


4. Oval









If you have longer nails and desire a slimmer, more feminine look, try this one. This is a shape that will make your hands look longer, so if you want to slim the appearance of your fingers, this is a good way to go. Practical and independent the oval shape nails look very chic and glamorous and they suit every type of nail bed be it narrow or wide. This shape is effortlessly simple and yet very elegant.


5. Squoval or square oval








As the title says, this style combines the length of oval nails with the contouring of square nails.This mix of a square tip on an oval nail means assertive and ambitious. This is good for a person who is not big on experimenting and who wants to keep it stylish but elegant, not very long, not very short. The squoval is basically a dazzling combination of oval and square nail shape.


6. Ballerina








This incredible shape mimics the shoe of a ballerina slipper and has a very feminine look. If you have naturally long nails and have the urge to try something unconventional, ask for this shape or just try it out for some time to see how you get along. It makes the nails and fingers look longer and gives a nice sexy glow to the hands.


7. Almond








If you want to take oval nails a step further, try almond nails. Elegant is what they speak! Narrow and with a rounded point, this shape elongates your hands and makes them look more slender. This signifies modern style, quality and a person who avoids old or out-dated styles. But don’t go too long with the almond shape as it might show you off a bit tacky. For those who want to give their fingers and nails a feminine appearance this is just perfect.


8. Stiletto








As the title speaks for itself this shape is named after the stiletto heels.Sexy and very challenging nail shape.This is a bold style that will absolutely get attention. Stiletto is another very in vogue nail shape. These are extra long and also pointed nails, the length and the pointy tip make this shape very weak and prone to get damaged and you can also get others harmed. Men better watch out for these if you get the lady angry! 


9. Lipstick








As the name suggests this shape takes the look of the tip of a lipstick. It has straight sides and a diagonal straight curved top just like the lipstick.This funky shape has a nice fan base and it goes for ladies who are bold, fun, a bit childish and very open. It could be fun for a special event but it’s not a very practical shape, still you can always try one!

10. Flare or duck nails










Duck or flared nails are very unique when it comes to nail shapes, but for these you want to have very long nails. These nails are wider at the tips and then tapered down on the way to the nail bed. Not very slim though and also can make your hands look a bit ‘fat’. It’s not a shape many recommend as it makes the nail look incorrectly shaped, but a go to for the ones who dare.