The compulsive habit of nail-biting is often the main reason why women do not paint their nails. Many have tried to use it as a reason for applying polish as they hope they won’t bite their nails in fear of ruining their polish and having chipped nails, but others don’t even attempt it knowing its inevitable state.


Painting your nails with normal varnish can help because you’ll take off the polish with your teeth before taking off the nail. If you apply a strengthening base coat first, with two coats of a bright colour and a topcoat, you’ll be removing a thick layer of your nail as you bite it. This should make you stop, as you’ll realise at that moment what exactly you’re doing. If you have badly bitten fingers and don’t want to clean up your cuticles with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover because it’s too painful, then you can wait for your nails to dry and pick it off under hot water afterwards.


Having gels definitely stops you from biting your nail! The fact that gel polish is actually a type of plastic which cures and hardens under UV light, makes it harder for you to bite your nail and as the polish is applied on your natural nails means that your nails will grow.


Another common way to stop biting your nails is by putting an unpleasant tasting, harmless solution around your nails like Mavala Stop or even tea tree oil (which is also high in antibacterial properties!).


Some people advise getting a fidget toy, as boredom is a huge reason for nail biting. You can get ones that are attachable to your keys, so you’ll have them on you all the time.